Mini Spirit Shells SOLD OUT


Mystical shells from a far off shore, where mermaids bathe in sun beams on a sparkling beach...

Vintage scallop shells hand decorated with Tropical, Aqua, Gold and Silver Tones. These tiny little pieces of Art are perfect sat alongside your crystal collection or bookshelf, or used as a ring dish.

Each Spirit Shell is totally unique in design and size. Measurements are approximately 5cm x 5cm

Choose from:
A: Purple, pink and gold tone, gold tone reverse
B: Tropical and silver tone, tropical reverse
C: Pink Sparkle, silver tone reverse
D: Citrus and gold tone, silver tone reverse
E: Aqua and silver tone, silver tone reverse
F: Purple and gold tone, gold tone reverse SOLD
G: Purple, pink, silver tone, gold tone, gold tone reverse
H: Gold tone, silver tone, pink, tropical tone reverse
I: Purple, pink, gold tone and silver tone, same on reverse

This item is packaged in paper gift wrap

*Caring for your Spirit Shell: to keep colours and shine avoid contact with water or direct sunlight, please handle your item with care

Coming Soon