Simple Row Necklaces - Gold Plated Brass or Sterling Silver - 10% off


10% off this item for Black Friday - Cyber Monday

Original Price: Sterling Silver £25 (£22.50 this weekend only) and £15 Plated (£13.50 this weekend only)

Made with semi precious stone / glass and matte gold plated brass - Sterling silver options also available (not pictured). Styles available are as follows:

Blue Lace Agate - pale pastel blue tones, for Calm
Amazonite - pale pastel green tones, for Luck
Aquamarine - aqua green and blue tones, for Courage
Opalite (Glass) - clear / cloudy with flashes of iridescent blue and yellow
Quartz - clear / cloudy tones, for Energy
Rose Quartz - pale pastel pink tones, for Love
Turquoise - blue / green and mottled brown tones, for Friendship

- chain length: short, 16 inches

*each stone is unique in its natural colour and shape, your Necklace may vary slightly to that pictured

This item is packaged in paper gift wrap