Siren Necklace - polished Quartz, chunky plated brass chain


Limited Edition

I'm in love with these polished Quartz crystals! With varying tones from clear to smoky, I've put these crystals alongside silver plated pewter / gold plated pewter beads and on plated brass chain. These stones are beautiful but quite heavy - please wear with care!

Quartz: for clarity, power, energy

Necklace Length: 42cm (16.5 inch) - longer length available on request (prices may vary) - please contact us to arrange if you need a different length.

*crystals may vary in clarity and size due to their nature, some appear totally clear with others featuring Smoky tones or lines. Some pieces may have a slightly speckled finish which feels rough or chipped to the touch in areas - this due to part of the polishing process:*

*This item is packaged in fabric storage bag, paper gift wrap with crystal info card*